Welcome in my website!

Here you will find many information, photos, videos regarding aerobatics and the Pitts Special S-2B, including tables and procedures for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. I created this website to share everything I learnt since I started operating my aircraft. 

It took a lot of effort to learn everything I know and often I thought that if pilots had shared what they know it would have been much easer, so here it is my contribution for everybody. Everything you will find in this website is absolutely free. In some pages I recommend some products or suppliers, I do it just because I feel to do it, I don’t have any economic return.

I’d like to know what you think of the contents and if you have anything to add or change. You can contact me using info@francescoaerobatics.com.

“It took a lot of effort to learn everything I know so I decided to create this website to share my experiences with anyone wants to put her/himself in these activities”


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Calendario Eventi 2019

13/14 aprile 2019Gara acroLegnago
4 maggio 2019Raduno Pitts ItaliaValle Gaffaro
11 maggio 2019Cielo Senza BarriereCremona
24/25/26 maggio 2019Gara acroLugo di Romagna
1/2 giugno 2019Montagnana AirShowMontagnana
15/16 giugno 2019Fly&FunPavullo nel Frignano
22/23 giugno 2019FlyPartyAli di Bagnoli
27 giugno 2019Voli con passeggeriReggio Emilia
5/6/7/8 settembre 2019Gara AcroLucca
15 settembre 2019Manif. Frecce TricoloriJesolo
21/22 settembre 2019FestivolareTrento
05 ottobre 2019Manif. Frecce TricoloriDesenzano