Pitts Special

The Pitts S-2B is an aerobatic biplane with two tandem seats. The biplane configuration makes it particularly robust and small in overall dimensions. Very agile, it is well known for the reduced outside visibility and difficulty to be conduced on the ground. 

  • Engine: 6 cylinder boxer, air coole, 260 Cv
  • Weight: 520 kg empt, 770 kg max take off 
  • Propeller: two aluminum blades or three composite blades
  • Fuselage: welded steel tubes, aluminum panels and fabric
  • Wings: wooden spar, steel cables, fabric covering
  • Speed: stall at 62 mph, cruise at 154 mph, Max 305 mph (330 km/h)
Airworthiness Certificate
Aircraft Insurance
Registration Certificate
PPL (fronte)
PPL (retro)
FAA License (Francesco)