Other pilots are not enemies but friends: they are the incentive to fly always better

I found aerobatics by chance in 2012 and from that moment I never stop.

From ages I was looking for a way to improve my flying activity, I can’t say that flying from A to B was boring but I needed new challenges, new adventures. Aerobatics gave me all of this and much more

The improving process of aerobatics is nearly infinite. You con train for years and still there will be so much to learn

Aerobatics is a very technical discipline that requires study, training, mental and physical preparation, a lot of passion

The aspect of aerobatics that I really love is the intimacy between the pilot and the aircraft. Aerobatics requires a total control of the flying machine and the only way to get it is the creation of a deep intimacy. For this reason we use to say that the aerobatic pilot “wear” the aircraft. Intimacy is not just the promptness of controls, it is given by the huge range of sensations that the aircraft transmits to the pilot

Flying aerobatics is the research of perfection, is dancing in the sky with surgeon’s precision, is gritting your teeth to bear the “g”, is try and try again the same figure until it comes really precise, is studying hard and being brave enough to compare with the others, is accepting the challenge of new figures, is learning to lough of yourself and congratulate the competitors. And much more! 

If you are interested in entering the world of aerobatics, I’d be happy to help you. Contact me so we can have a chat!

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Voli con passeggeri

Per far conoscere il Pitts S-2B e l'acrobazia, ho portato a volare con me vari amici piloti:
Nome CognomeData VoloCategoriaDescrizioneLink
Luca Costa07/06/2017PPLAbilitazione Acro
Giancarlo Stevani07/06/2017PPLAeronautica Militare Italiana
Stefano Bruni15/07/2017ATPLIstruttore Acro
Alessandro Spadetto08/10/2017PPLCorso Acro
Marco Spadetto08/10/2017 ---Appassionato di volo
Giovanni Rovacchi17/12/2017PPLAbilitazione Acro
Alberto Mozzi13/01/2018PPLAbilitazione Acro
Monica Prandini09/06/2018Reggio AFISAppassionata
Marco Munarini14/07/2018PPLAppassionato
Marino Mussino01/09/2018Reggio AFISAppassionato
Marco Pioli11/09/2018ParacadutistaAppassionato
Antonio Palermo12/10/2018---Aerobatic Experience 1.0
Marco Carnà12/10/2018---Aerobatic Experience 1.0
Andrea Canaparo12/10/2018---Aerobatic Experience 1.0
Manuele Sala22/12/2018PPLAppassionato
Silvia Camarin27/06/2019---Aerobatic Experience 1.0
Daniele Licciulli27/06/2019---Aerobatic Experience 1.0
Enrico Mazzi21/09/2019---Aerobatic Experience 1.0
Roberto Bortolin21/09/2019VDSAerobatic Experience 1.0
Federica Bellon03/07/2020CompleannoAerobatic Experience 1.0
Luca Ocretti27/08/2020IntervistaIntervista
Giulio Bonizzato14/12/2021PPLCorso Acro
Simone Ghirardello27/02/2021PPLCorso Acro
Cristiano27/02/2021CompleannoAerobatic Experience 1.0
Massimiliano Bedin30/04/2022Addio al celibatoAerobatic Experience 1.0
Angela Socha30/04/2022AppassionataAerobatic Experience 1.0
Carlo Cannata21/05/2022PPLAerobatic Experience 1.0
Riccardo Boni03/08/2022AppassionatoAerobatic Experience 1.0
Davide Boni03/08/2022AppassionatoAerobatic Experience 1.0