“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true”

Richard Bach


I was born in Venice on 11th July 1973 e there I lived until the end of high school, later I moved to Milano to get the Aerospace Engineering Degree in 1999. After serving for Firebrigade Department I worked in Ferrari from 2000 to 2011 then I moved to the UK where I lived until 2017 working for Lotus Cars. I came back to Italy in 2017 when I returned back to Ferrari. I operate my Pitts S-2B in Reggio Emilia.


I took my PPL during the university in Venegono (Varese, Italy) flying the Partenavia P66. During the next years I flew in Venice with Cessna C152 and Piper PA28. From 2006 and 2011 I was based in Modena Aeroclub where I was flying Beechcraft B77 and PA28. When I moved to the UK in 2011 I had the came to know aerobatics with the Robin 2160i at Norwich Premier Fly School and later I flew the Extra200 at British Aerobatics Academy. I flew a couple of years with Wildcat (a Display Team flying 2 Pitts S-2B and 1 Edge360), later I founded a flying group (Vipers) with 2 Pitts S-2B and a CAP10. Back to Italy in 2017 I’m now based in Reggio Emilia

“In 2017 I moved to Modena (Italy) and I took my Pitts to Reggio Emilia”