In this section of the website you will find suggestions, methods, schemes, tables and much more regarding the maintenance of Pitts S-2B. Most of the material is produced by me and based on my personal experience grown through years of maintenance of my Pitts. Every time I can, I point to manuals or other publications, to save some work and to have even better evidence of how to work.

I may have made mistakes, contact me to help me to improve the quality of the information of this website.

The Pitts Special is a very simple aircraft, in the design as well as in the construction. Most of the maintenance can be easily performed without the presence of a specialized mechanic. Obviously a lot of care and good manual skills are necessary. 

The publication FAR AIM (Federal Aviation Regulations – Aeronautical Information Manual) describe the full list of operations that can be done by the owner (N-Reg only). All of other operations need the supervision of a specialized mechanic.

The Pitts Special needs continuous attentions and “a lot of work” once a year during the annual inspection. Some parts tend to generate cracks, they must be spotted as soon as possible in order to avoid dangerous failure. It is rare to find a Pitts with an engine bay clean and dry, with tail wheel clear without oil and … you understand.

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Maintenance Documents

Official DocumentAnnual Inspection - FAA FAR part 43 Appedix D
Official DocumentSpare parts Pitts S-2B
Official DocumentPitts S-2B Owner and Maintenance Manual
Official DocumentLycoming 540 Operators Manual
Official DocumentLycoming 540 Parts Catalogue
Working DocumentPart List with notes
Working DocumentTorque table
Working DocumentConversion table mm/inch
Working DocumentLimited Life Table - parts and systems
Service InstructionCylinder compression test Lycoming

Maintenance Procedures

Engine Oil Change
ELT Ground Check

Interesting videos on Maintenance

BrakeHow to remove the brake
BrakeHow to change the brake
EngineHow to perform the Compression Test