Reggiani Acrobats

Reggiani Acrobats is a Flying Group made by pilots who: 

  1. Love aerobatic
  2. Want to promote aerobatic
  3. Want to improve themselves to support other pilots in their improvements

All of the pilots who share these principle are welcome in this group

Reggiani Acrobats is a free and independent group. The partnership with the group is free

Pilots of Reggiani Acrobats partecipate in an active way to the growth of the group, they arrange themselves to fly together, they help one another to improve their techniques, they promote aerobatics towards other pilots to jet introduced in the “dark side”

Main specialities: aerobatics, competitions, Airshows, formation
Main activities: training with ground critique (link), training for Airshows and formation flying 


  • Alessandro Spadetto – CAP10
  • Caterina Manzini – CAP10
  • Luca Costa – CAP10
  • Giovanni Rovacchi – CAP10
  • Francesco Fullin – Pitts S-2B
  • Marco Munarini – TBD
  • Natan Macchioni – CAP10
  • Riccardo Cresci – Pitts S-2A

Aerobatics competition calendar 2019

13/14 April – Legnago

24/25/26 May – Lugo di Romagna

5/6/7/8 September – Lucca