I like to show the incredible performances of my Pitts Special

Pitts is an airplane that can be aggressive and crabby (very useful characteristic for aerobatic competitions) but during AirShows I like to present her showing her harmonious nature flying a gentle and elegant dispaly.

I shape the sequence to fit the specific aspects of the AirShow, I try to understand in the best way the characteristics of the event and, most of all, the place where it takes place and the length of the Display Line (the line that mark the separation between the public and the show).

I made my first shy steps into the AirShows when I was living in the UK and I became friends with Wildcat Display Team who performed AirShows all over the UK. They were composed by two Pitts S-2B and one Edge360 and they literally adopted me. During these years I understood the complexity of flying Displays, the huge preparation and big attention to any small detail.

Flying for the public is a fantastic experience that pays back all of your preparation. The 1st July 2018 I flew for the first time before Frecce Tricolore in front of 150.000 people and … I’ll never forget it.